prologue (altars 1)

by Michael Eubanks

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Altar (def):
a place of spiritual connection and personal self-giving.

This is the end of a long journey, and yet it is the beginning of something else as well...

Please feel free to listen as much as you want to. Thanks for stopping by!


released April 19, 2011

album cover art by Esther Chao.
album cover design by Daniel Allen.



all rights reserved


Michael Eubanks Berkeley, California

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Track Name: sons and fathers
Sons will know that they are loved by fathers
Who will know that they are sons
Of the Father who released his Son from heaven
And fathers will teach their sons to be men,
To be loved and to love Jehovah
The God of our redemption
The hope of our salvation

Sometimes, I wonder if I came to you for bread,
Would you give me stones?
If I asked you for your presence, would you leave me
Alone to wonder if your goodness was real
Or if it’s just a silly notion
Meant to numb me from what I really feel
But you came before me
Everything that was meant to be
Was imagined by you, made through you
So what I think I want for you to do
Is to take my fractured present
And infect it with your future

Fish or serpent, bread or stones?
Can you be my goodness, you alone?
If I choose to bring myself to you,
Will you take hold me and bring me through?
My circumstance has preached the lie
That I’m not worth your kindness, worth your time
But Father come,
Hear our cries,
Raise our hopeless souls from death to life.
Track Name: run
I ran away from you
‘Cause I don’t belong to you
I made my home in a faraway place
Making my own way
I will do better without you

I, I wanted you to be pleased
Wanted to make you proud of me
But I never knew
If you really cared
So I took my share…

I ran away from you
‘Cause I don’t belong to you
I made my home in a faraway place
Making my own way
I will do better without you

So I lived, and I lived
Feeding capricious desires
But I woke up empty
Desperate and lonely
Lustful and angry
And longing for more…

So I’m running back to you
And I know I’m dead to you
But I’d rather serve you than die like I’ve lived
But you run to meet me
So quick to love me
I have been wandering,
Why would you give all of this to me?
I have been wandering,
Why would you give all of yourself to me?
Track Name: All Things New
In the new creation
When the earth collides with
The new Jerusalem and
All things are satisfied, we
Will know the love of Abba
Our King and our Creator
The Lord, our God, forever
Will reign in grace and glory

Your holy hands are making all things new
To worship you

The Kingdom of this world
Is changing hands. Jehovah
Will reign and dwell among us
And by decree, there will be:
No more death and mourning
No more pain and crying
God himself will come
And wipe the tears from all our eyes

Your home with your people
You will call us daughters and sons
Alpha and Omega
Sitting on the throne, you proclaim, “It is done.”
Track Name: God of this desert
I remember the coolness
Of the water that washed me.
Now, I’m being emptied
I’m so hungry and lonely
Bring your joy
Make me new
Make me whole

I am sick, I’m addicted
To noise and attention
You bring me into silence
To break my affliction
Bring your joy
Make me new
Make me whole

If you are the God of this desert,
Then empty me, fill me, surround me, pursue me
If you are the God of this desert,
Keep your promise to me in this place

So I’m here, you have led me
This is our secret place
Bring me dreams, give me visions
Abba, come and show me your face
Bring your joy
Make me new
Make me whole
Track Name: Psalm 85 (Revive Us Again)
Lord, I can remember
When I saw your goodness:
Your favor in our land
Your covering on our sin

I recall the days
When I recognized your ways:
Bringing back our fortunes
Holding back your anger

In our suffering and sorrow
Come speak peace to us
Grant us salvation
And show us your love

Will you not revive us again,
So that we might find joy in you?

Love and faithfulness
Join to bring your goodness
Justice and peace
With tenderness, they meet

We long to hear from you
Speak peace to us
Make way for your glory
And show us your love

Will you not revive us again,
That we might find joy in you?

Give what is good
And we’ll know your grace
Salvation will come
As we worship your name
Track Name: plant
I have brought you here
Build your houses, plant your gardens,
This is home
The Lord of hosts has sent you here
Make your families, raise your children here
This is home

I see you crying by the river
Remembering what life used to be
Now seek the welfare of this city
In its good, you will find your good

If you seek me with your heart
I will let you find me
I will come and visit you
I will keep my promise
Bring you back to the land I remaking for you

I have plans for you
For your goodness, not your evil
To bring you home
Jehovah knows his plans for you
You’ll cry out to me, and I will listen
I’ll bring you home

I hear your prophets as they tell you
Exactly what you want to hear
They tell you lies, don’t you listen
I’m the only future that you have
I’m the only hope you’ll ever need